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Director Manufacturing of a MNC manufacturing Company

 I have known Vijay for more than 10 years now. Our relationship earlier was more of an acquaintance where we met occasionally and shared our thoughts. Our serious interaction happened in the past 1 year, during the time Vijay was working towards being a Professional Coach. Around this time, I got promoted to my new role and was in search of a professional coach to prepare myself for the new role. Vijay voluntarily offered to help me in this journey as a coach. For me, it came as a blessing in disguise as I felt comfortable in the first couple of sessions we had. It has been a pleasure of working with Vijay for the past six months. Vijay focused on being a great coach, mentor, and above all else a friend. Vijay understood that great leadership requires more than being an expert in your area; it's about equipping and inspiring others to do what inspires them. It's about empowering others by creating a safe environment where they can be themselves and where their opinions matter.  Vijay has an uncanny knack of asking the right questions and diving deeply into the root cause and then working towards a solution. Vijay made me comfortable throughout the journey, although he was tough on assignment and deadlines, he was empathetic towards the challenges I faced. Vijay is also very resourceful and provide various solutions and suggestions beyond his field of expertise. I am glad to have Vijay as my coach and friend and would recommend him to my friends and colleagues who are going through a journey of personal and professional growth.  

Head of IT Services - international Logistics Company

 Vijay has a passion to develop others and see their success as his success. This mindset is essential for a coach like him and it was absolutely fantastic to have him as my growth champion. He has given me lot of insights and tools to accelerate my growth.. You just need to catch it and grow with it...   Vijay means success -- and you cannot go wrong if you have a collaborative partnership with Vijay....! 


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