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Translating Strategy to Successful Execution


We facilitate strategy conversation within the client organisation to define what the “As Is” state ( A) is and what the “To Be” ( B) state would look like in a defined timeframe. Having defined the start and the completion points , we co-create the journey from A to B with details on current realities including strengths and shortcomings, internal dynamics that works for and against the stated ambition , acknowledgement on what needs to change and how, definition of intermediate mile stones and timeframe, skills and knowledge required to be imparted or acquired for the organisation to be successful in the “To Be” state.


Project Management Consultancy

A project environment is challenging with a lot of moving platforms. Though the project team is capable and well equipped to handle these challenges, it is not common for organisations to get overwhelmed in fighting fires and internal politics which eventually impacts project outcome and organisational health further deteriorating delivery, growth and returns. 

We support our clients by acting as project management consultant to provide independent oversight and governance for the project, proactively identifying people and process issues, support early resolution and providing project assurance. In addition, we facilitate variety of conversations like framing the opportunity, evaluation and selection of competing projects, various workshops and engagements related to stakeholder management, Lessons learned and so on until the successful completion of the project.


Process Improvement


We support our clients to sharpen their operation and maintenance by objectively studying the existing process flow and procedures, identify areas where the process is bloated or not standardized, engineer to eliminate waste and rework, optimise and develop/ update Standard Operating Procedures. Principles of LEAN are used to error proof the process and achieve getting things done “Right the First Time, Every Time “.

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Xstrops Consulting

Consulting services for :-

  • Business and Operational Excellence
  • Productivity and Performance Enhancement
  • Employee Engagement, Culture and Employer Branding
  • Talent Assessment and Resourcing
  • Executive Coaching , Training and Development
  • People Advisory and Interim HR Services

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