Vijayakumar Rajagopal B.Tech, PMP

Executive Coach | Helping successful people become Great Leaders & Develop Breakthrough Mindset|


I coach senior leaders in Corporate and Multinational Companies to navigate their way through their leadership challenges and empowering them to realize their true potential thereby contribution to long lasting personal and organizational results.

There is no dull moment in a Leader's life both on tactical and strategic levels .  Do any of the following questions resonate with you?

1. Are you a high potential leader being groomed for taking up bigger roles in the future?
2. Are you in the process of transitioning into a new expanded role as a part of your development?
3. Are you having a feel / have received feedback that your current role effectiveness can be further enhanced ? 

4. Do you feel the need for a sounding board conversation ?

It is not uncommon for Executives to sometimes feel overwhelmed, stressed out /burned out as they try to juggle between short term results, long term growth, developing people, individual personal development and their commitments to family. 

It does not have to be this way. You can have it all. A successful career, Achieving short term and long term results with improved relations and support of colleagues and stakeholders, improved relationship with family and overall, a more fulfilled life.

This is where my coaching comes in. I work with you to explore current realities and the desired position to be, carry a 360 degrees analysis, perform psychometric analysis to understand values and beliefs that drives the observed and desired behavior. We develop coaching goals in a collaborative way and generate action plans with agreed metrics to help your development. I support you to track progress leading to successful completion.

My coaching program is based on PG program in Executive Coaching by Coaching Foundation India, built on my professional Engineering and Project Management qualification and 30 years international work experience.


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